Who Is Really Causing PSI In The Lab?

A recent article by  Parker and Miller further expand upon the theory that some PSI research has actually been influenced by researchers and not necessarily the participants. Was this influence purposeful? No. Miller and Parker claim that some researchers are psychically altering their experiments unconsciously.


Parker and Miller proceed to demonstrate a long history of PSI research where the predominant amount of PSI supporting studies were conducted by researchers who had previously demonstrated psychic aptitude. However, the findings are more complex than this because studies specifically designed to examine experimenter PSI have often shown mixed or controversial results.


These authors make the further claim that parapsychology and it’s research is in jeopardy because a sufficient solution for researchers tampering with research via PSI ability has not as of yet been solved. For those who are not actively involved in the parapsychological community, PSI experimenter effects are becoming a popular and worrisome concern.


On a personal note, it is interesting that the findings of parapsychology do not negate the existence of PSI. They confirm it. The question is, did the PSI effect come from the experimenters, the participants, or a mixture of both? Only time and research will tell.



Parker, A. & Miller, B. (2014) Revealing PSI secrets: Successful experimenters seem to 16 by using their own PSI. Journal of Parapsychology, 78, 39-55.


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