Where o’ Where Has The Poltergeist Gone?

ifyourescaredgotochurchI do not regularly post personal experiences in our Paranormal Facts feature. However, you may have noticed a few things from my personal blogs. First, I love haunting and poltergeist cases, which my blog content easily proves. Second, if you have been paying attention, you may notice that many of the poltergeist cases posted here are from several decades back. Thus, the intrepid reader may ask, “What about recent poltergeist cases? Do you have an issue with the last two decades that you are not telling us about”? The simple answer is, not at all.

home-879877__180Several years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with John Palmer at the Rhine Institute. Dr. Palmer is a very distinguished parapsychologist who has been in the field for decades, with over 300 research publications to his name. Speaking with him was quite the honor. One of the few remaining parapsychology institutes in America, he was kind enough to speak with me as I was in the North Carolina area. As we talked about Haunting and Poltergeists, he mentioned that active cases of poltergeists had been waning over the last few decades, and as a result, less and less research was conducted on them.

figureAlthough not emphasized, one of the core features common to a poltergeist account is that activity tends to center around a pubescent or recently pubescent teen (although some exceptions have been noted). It is thought the change in hormones during this time may play a role in the psychokinetic behavior so common to poltergeists. Palmer, interestingly so, wondered if the increase in our society of psychotropic medications (AKA anti-depressants, anti-anxiety e.t.c.) or the increase in hormones and additives in our food might account for the decline in these cases. To date, no research has examined this possibility.

I also wonder as to why the clear cases of poltergeist activity have declined in recent decades. As our institute studies purportedly haunted locations, I sometimes wonder if all the “ghost hunting” shows sometimes contaminate/confuse potential cases that may actually better fit a poltergeist classification as opposed to haunting. Either or, if you are wondering why modern poltergeist cases are not reported here at Paranormal Facts, our answer is, they are getting harder and harder to find.

Cheer up, haunting reports have not declined.



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