Wednesday Throwback: The Seaford Long Island Disturbances

One of William Roll’s first investigations, the Herrmanns reported that their two children, Lucille and James, reported noises of bottles popping their caps. Holy water uncapped and spilled in the house. A doll was found with its legs broken. Roll was called in to investigate these claims. The first interview with a patrolman reported the same bottle popping phenomena, while the officer was with the entire family.


horror-914404In all, 67 psychokinetic events were recorded, where 40 of the incidents involved the movement of the same 16 objects. A male figurine was thrown twice at a visiting Secretary, breaking in the process. 23 separate bottle poppings occurred. Roll himself was present when a bleach bottle popped its top off on its own. At one point, a new coffee table was found turned upside down.


Roll personally investigated the scene for ten days. Engineers and other experts were called in to examine for fraud and magic trickery. The family, horrified, actually spent several days away from the home. To this day neither the police, experts, or Roll himself believe the events were hoaxed.



Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.


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