Wednesday Throwback: The Housing Project Poltergeist in Newark

At his third visit to the Clark’s home, Roll, to his surprise, has a small bottle from an end table fly off the table and hit Dr. Roll on the head. Including a total of 59 psychokinetic incidents, and lasting over nine months, multiple objects were reported to fly around the home when the Clark’s child Ernie was present.


Events included coffee cups falling one by one off of a mug rack, bottles in the bathroom falling and breaking, a cologne bottle flying from the bathroom and into the living room. Witnesses report the cologne bottle turning in mid-air to fly into the living room from the hallway. Police were unable to account for the reports. When confronted by drunks at the front door, wanting to see the boy who had objects fly around him, a crockery lamp from the living room moved and crashed to the floor.


key-96233Ultimately, this case was determined to be fraudulent by Dr. Roll. Many of the events involved conditions where the child, Ernie, could have simply thrown the objects. Ernie was caught smuggling objects out of the house. At one point money was disappearing and reappearing. Events never occurred when Ernie was watched closely. Thus, in this instance, the poltergeist case was debunked.



Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.


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