Ultraviolet Light As A Mechanism For Psi?

Researchers at the Rhine Institute recently conducted a study in a specially constructed lab with highly sensitive light detection equipment. The goal? To examine if people who meditate, heal others, or regular people produce ultraviolet light (a type of light invisible to the naked eye). These researchers propose that UV (and IR) light emission might serve as an energy mechanism to explain healing or other anomalous abilities.


Results from this study were staggering. Four individuals and three meditation groups intentionally projected three to a hundred thousand times more UV light than the baseline UV established in a tightly controlled dark room. The results, in this case, were so extreme that statistical analysis was not performed. The difference was so great there was no need for a test.


The authors of this study reason that similar to transmission waves used for TV or satellite, UV light could theoretically be modulated to contain a great deal of information, with the use of very little energy. Whereas the authors admit that this is speculation, the UV light emitted by participants when healing or meditating shows that humans do emit this light under certain states of consciousness.


Joines, W. T., Baumann, S. B., & Kruth, J. G. (2012). Electromagnetic emission from humans during focused intent. Journal of Parapsychology, 78, 276-292.

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