Training Psychokinesis: The Brief Career of Felicia Parise

One not so commonly known occurrence of the movement of objects with the mind (psychokinesis: PK) occurred with the interest of Felicia Parise. Having been exposed to the famous Russian PK producer Nina Kulagina, Felicia became determined to practice PK until she ultimately was able to move small objects with the power of her mind.


Felicia, under controlled conditions, was able to deflect compass needles (sometimes 360 degrees), and move corks or small vials of alcohol. Although done informally, several parapsychologists and stage magicians tested her under controlled conditions. Interestingly, some of her magnetic effects would persist for approximately ½ hour. Attempts to affect the compass by normal means (knives, or metal) would not work while the compass was nearby Parise. To this day, her documented movement of objects with the power of the mind has not been debunked or explained.


After a period of time, Felicia became weary of tests and conditions and decided to return to her career as a medical technician. The effects of moving objects made Felicia exhausted, and she would often be unable to coherently talk to others for several minutes after a demonstration of her ability. In the end, her curiosity was satisfied, and she was content to go back to a regular life free of magicians and parapsychologists.  



Honorton, C. (2015). A moving experience. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 29, 62-74.

3 thoughts on “Training Psychokinesis: The Brief Career of Felicia Parise”

  1. “To this day, her documented movement of objects with the power of the mind has not been debunked or explained.”

    Not true.

    Here is what Martin Gardner wrote:

    “Felicia Parise thoroughly bamboozled parapsychologist Charles Honorton by using invisible thread stretched between her hands when she pushed a pill bottle across her kitchen counter. Had Honorton known anything about thread magic (books about it are sold in magic supply houses, along with strong thread so fine that it cannot seen in bright daylight) he would have examined Felicia’s hands while the bottle was gliding.”

    1. Dear Steve,

      A hypothetical explanation (but not very plausible as Felicia was strip searched in some instances) given by an outside source does not constitute debunking. Similarly, string does not account for the magnetic anomalies which persisted with the compass over time while out of Felicia’s contact. As a skeptic, I am sure you appreciate that demonstrated evidence trumps a claim from the armchair of “ineptitude”.

  2. Martin Gardner, now deceased, never personally witnessed Felicia Parise performing or attempting to perform macro telekinesis, and like his similar bombastic proclamations about Ninel Kulagina, wrote things for which he had no confirming evidence to prove what he was stating as fact was true. On Dec 24, 1980, he wrote this in a letter to open-minded skeptic Marcello Truzzi: “I do believe in ‘fighting fire with fire,’ as you put it, if you mean the use of ridicule and rhetoric.”

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