Throwback Tuesday: What Is A Poltergeist?

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In the world of parapsychology, Poltergeists are considered a different breed of haunting than what you traditionally see in T.V. shows. German for “noisy spirit/ghost”, a poltergeist is believed by parapsychologists to be the unconscious psychic action of someone living in the home. Whereas many would attribute objects moving and noises to spirits or ghosts, Poltergeists often center their activity around a young girl or boy, and often around the age of puberty.


teddy-bear-440498_1280Unlike hauntings, which often continue in a location for years, a Poltergeist is more of a temporary episode, often not occurring for more than a few months. William Roll, the foremost expert on the phenomena, has always believed that these ghostly episodes were the result of teenagers with repressed emotions. These emotions then manifest in psychic episodes of objects moving, breaking, or physical attacks on family members.



stocksnap_8pws9yv4cuIs Dr. Roll right? Are Poltergeists really just psychic activity, as opposed to spirits or ghosts? If you don’t immediately dismiss his meticulous investigation of these accounts, the theory is sound. It is important to note that poltergeists do not account for all haunting accounts, just ones where activity appears to center around a single member of the family. And unfortunately, research on haunt phenomena is lacking, and worse, poltergeist cases have been rapidly diminishing in the last few decades. ISRAE specializes in this type of haunting research, so if we discover more about hauntings or poltergeists, we promise we’ll let you know about it.




Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.

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