Throwback: Tuesday: Owen and the Sauchie Case

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William Roll had an opportunity to speak with Dr. A. R. G. Owen, a recent researcher to the Poltergeist phenomena in 1964. While on vacation from Cambridge, Owen investigated a case in Sauchie Scotland. A somewhat famous case to this day, Owen had the opportunity to interview multiple witnesses over a period of 10 days.  The events took place during 1960, and focused around one Virginia Campbell and started with a series of “thunking” noises that would only stop when Virginia went to sleep.

spookycastleAccording to first-person accounts, the minister of Sauchie witnessed several disturbing phenomena. First, Rev. Lund investigated the knocking, which came from all manner of places, and could find no explanation for their occurrence. More shockingly, Lund witnessed a large linen chest levitate approximately 18 inches off the floor, move towards the bedroom and then replace itself in its original position! As if this were not enough to make the average American think of the movie the Exorcist, Lund witnessed Virgina’s pillow rotate 60 degrees with her head on it. Her hands were away from the pillow at the time.

The family physician Dr. Nisbet, confirmed Lund’s experiences, witnessing the linen chest open and close several times, as well as move on its own accord. He also saw the pillow under Virgina’s head move and ripple several times. This was confirmed with Dr. Nisbet’s colleague Dr. Logan, who also witnessed the events.

muddyplaygroundIt is also interesting that the activity with Virginia followed her to her school. Her teacher noted her desk opening and closing of its own volition. Her teacher also noted a nearby desk levitate approximately one inch, and her own desk move on its own. Virgina’s teacher noted that in all cases, Virgina was either trying to hold her desk down or in the other cases, was not touching either of the desks that moved or floated.

Take home message: Avoid schools and linen chests.




Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.

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