Throwback Tuesday: Biting Ghosts

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The year was 1962, and the newspaper reported “Mysterious bat like bites” that had appeared on arms of a thirteen-year-old girl, her mom, and her grandmother. Amidst these bites, objects and movements appeared to be moving and breaking on their own. During interviews with Dr. Roll, the mother reported a cup flew across the room and broke against the wall ten feet away!


skeletons-1617539The grandmother in all reported 14 episodes of punctures on her body, ranging from one to fourteen punctures at a time. The majority of attacks focused on her. Roll was present for some but not all of the occurrences. Roll was never able to put the Grandmother in controlled conditions and thus was unable to rule out fraud.



skull-1651398_1280Just as Roll was about to leave the case, rapping and knocking started manifesting in the house. With help of colleague Dr. Blumenthol, knocking and rapping occurred while watching the inhabitants of the house directly. Roll found no one inside or outside the house that were likely producers of the noises. At one point, Blumenthol held the Grandmother’s hands, just to be sure the knocks were not fraud.


If this wasn’t enough, Roll in all logged 110 incidents in all! 76 incidents of objects moving or breaking, 25 incidents of knocks, and 14 episodes of biting. Despite rational explanations for some of the phenomena, others failed to be debunked according to Roll.





Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.

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