The Missing Historical Information About Mediums

Alvarado in a recent article makes a historical claim about the sources used when describing mediums and contact with the supernatural. In psychology, mediumship is considered to be related to the subconscious mind and dissociative processes. Under these theories,  mediums are simply sharing what is in their unconscious mind.

Unlike traditional psychology, Alvarado posits historical sources that emphasize a super normal aspect of mediumship. In other words,  Alvarado makes the case that despite possible mental illness or unconscious processes that mediums have been able to obtain knowledge or information beyond what traditional science can explain.


Mainstream science has never accepted the supernormal or supernatural as a source of mediumship. More specifically, theorists who have examined supernatural explanations for mediumship have not been officially included in the annals of science. Alvarado thinks that this is unfortunate. Both meaning and understanding could be brought to this topic by including these researchers end the complete scope of mediumship research.


Alvarado C. S. (2014). Mediumship, psychical research, dissociation, and the powers of the subconscious mind. Journal of Parapsychology, 78,  98-114.

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