The Amazing D.D. Home

Probably one of the most famous mediums of his time, the phenomena produced by D.D. Home is argued over to this day. Born in 1833, Home’s phenomena produced during seances drew international attention, and multiple scientists and skeptics. Despite suffering from poor health, Home produced astonishing paranormal phenomena in the late 19th century for 25 years and was never successfully debunked.

Steven Braude, an expert on the historical documentation of Home, catalogs multiple types of paranormal phenomena that strain the imagination of the skeptic. Many of these phenomena were tested by scientists of the time, but to no avail as to how the phenomena were produced. Braude even produces reprints of skeptics from the Society of Psychical Research, who are agog in their attempt to reconcile the phenomena Home produced with their own beliefs.

So, what did Home purportedly produce? Under well-lighted conditions, and often skeptical investigation, Home was reported to; a. Create raps and knocking sounds from all areas of the room, b. Levitate entire wooden tables with people on them, while others investigated under the table, c. Move entire pianos across rooms, d. Play an accordion without touching it, and others witnessed floating instruments playing music., and e. Produce complete life like hands that would touch people and then dissolve.

This list is by no means complete, but please feel free to reference the below text, which is an in-depth read of this and other mediums historical documentation. I highly recommend it.


Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Braude S. (1997). The limits of influence. Psychokinesis and the philosophy of science. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America.


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