Specific Christian Paranormal Beliefs


Duncan, Donnelly and Nicholson (1992),  conducted a study to determine if a person’s  level of religious beliefs were predictive of their paranormal beliefs. Those that scored higher in their beliefs would score lower in paranormal beliefs. These researchers used surveys to determine which religions believed what types of paranormal beliefs. 


Results showed that those that tested higher in Protestant Christian beliefs were more likely to believe in the devil or possession of the devil, witches, but did not believe in reincarnation or haunted houses, compared to other religious orientations. Catholics were more likely to believe or somewhat believe in astrology. Overall, those with lower levels of religiosity showed higher beliefs in the paranormal.


This would lead one to believe that the less committed a person is to their religious belief or practices the more likely they would believe in paranormal phenomena.

Submitted by: Bridget Cotton


Duncan, D. F., Donnelly, J. W., Nicholson, T. (1992): Belief in the Paranormal and Religious Belief Among American College Students. Psychological Reports, 70, 15-18.


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