Research is the lifeblood of ISRAE. For the last three years, we have created laboratory grade environments where we capture audio and video footage in relation to timed electromagnetic (EMF) and geomagnetic (GMF) fields. We have completed several academic publications and several more are in progess.



Completed Research


audio-1464732Our research conducted in a single investigation has demonstrated the first scientific evidence for significant relationships between changes in EMF and GMF in addition to captured audio and video phenomena that are very difficult to explain. In other words, EMF spikes do significantly predict paranormal phenomena that are not due to hallucinations or subjective influence. This research was published in the Journal of Parapsychology. A link to the article is provided here: EMF & PHENOMENA.


0239Aside from our field investigations, we have been collecting data for the last three years involving people’s haunting experiences, personality, cognition, and paranormal belief. This article was published in the Journal of Parapsychology. Our findings essentially show that haunt phenomena are fairly common in the population and that, despite relationships between haunt phenomena and paranormal belief, people who experience haunting are not more mentally ill, cognitively deficient, or neurotic than those who have not experienced haunt phenomena. Our article in PDF format is provided here: PARANORMAL BELIEF AND HAUNT EXPERIENCE.


phone-1052028Time Analyzing Electromagnetic Fields in Paranormal Research: a Distributional Modeling Approach for Field Analysis of Purportedly Haunted Locations. This research briefly examines the basic mathematics that can be used when studying electromagnetic fields. Our paper describes the statistical properties of raw EMF data collected over time as a normal distribution. We also demonstrate how to model time-dependent success/failure binomial trials with accurate probabilities for EMF within a given period of time. Finally, we demonstrate methods that negate the need for random sampling and aggregating probabilities over multiple meters.  These are used to test for high levels of EMF associated with other time-dependent phenomena such as haunting phenomena, ESP trials, or RSPK events. This article has been independently published by ISRAE and is available at  It can also be downloaded here.


Research in Progress: 2016-2018


skeletons-1617539Paranormal Belief and Haunting Experiences 2. As a replication of Haunt Experiences and Paranormal Belief, we further examine the relationship between participant’s haunting experience, paranormal belief, personality, and cognition. This research also examined the role of different environmental conditions (awake/sleeping, witnesses/no-witnesses, and number of reported experiences) and how they affected personality, paranormal belief, and thinking styles. Results showed that people who report haunting experience are not more mentally ill, cognitively deficient, or neurotic than those who did not report haunting experiences (replicating our previous findings). The number of participant’s haunting experiences affected personality, paranormal belief, and cognition scores. The conditions of having  witnesses present and being either awake or asleep during a haunting experience did not affect personality, paranormal belief, or thinking styles. Overall, people who report a haunting experience have significantly higher paranormal belief scores than people who did not report a haunting experience. This article is currently under review.


doll-1640841Psychosomatic Influence,  Paranormal Belief, and EMF and GMF in a Mock Seance Setting. In collaboration with Dr. Lucinda Woodward and Elizabeth Laythe, we completed a laboratory study examining seance conditions and the reports of student participants over two series of ten sessions. Our results showed no camera or audio activity that might be construed as paranormal or anomalous. However, we found strong effects of suggestion on participants who reported a variety of physical symptoms (e.g., dizziness, nausea, hot and cold flashes, perceptions of movement, and visual and auditory reports of entities). Our research also shows a significant relationship between spikes in the geomagnetic field and subjects’ reports of activity, suggesting a relationship between brief geomagnetic spikes and reports of personal phenomena. This paper is currently under review in the Journal for Scientific Exploration.


radio-1557185An Eleven Investigation Analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomena: The Nature, Frequency, and Content of Environmentally Anomalous Noises. Little to no research exists on commonly reported auditory phenomena known as electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Used for years as evidence of spiritual survival, EVP has been criticized as being environmental noise or cognitive bias. Other critics claim that EVP is actually due to the radio frequency interference of recording devices. The goal of the current study is to investigate three purportedly haunted locations and conduct EVP sessions where voice recorders are maintained inside a < .01 ATM vacuum, thus making noise transmission physically impossible. Inside the vacuum chamber, an electromagnetic field detector and two models of the exact same audio recorder will be present. By eliminating the possibility of environmental noise, in the case that EVP is captured, only direct energy transmission could account for it. As per previous research (Laythe & Owen, 2013), EMF spikes may be associated with any captured EVP. Per critics’ explanation, if broad wave radio interference were what causes EVP, both recorders of the same make and model should both contain a noise at the same time.