Software and Hardware Projects


dsc_0048RIGS 2.  Portable Data-Logging Temperature and Electromagnetic Field Meters. Using Arduino components, we now utilize microdata loggers that sample three-axis GMF readings and ambient temperature at two samples per second. With the use of universal timestamps, this allows us to coordinate all video and audio to specific readings of either temperature or EMF. From there, we perform mathematical tests to examine for physical environmental anomalies.




dsc_0068AUDIO COMPARISON ANALYSIS SOFTWARE (ACAS). We are in the process of beta testing software that analyzes the audio envelopes of wav. files, and then provides the times for when noise is indicated. Our completed program will also compare multiple audio recorders based on their timestamp and provide us (and others) with a list of where only one recorder shows “noise.” We hope to use this software to methodically examine electronic voice phenomena. Our working theory is that any noise present on only one of multiple audio recorders is a good place to examine for potential EVP. Once beta testing is completed, we will be providing access to this application for other scientists, organizations, and groups.



dsc_0119EXISTING VIDEO MOTION ANALYSIS (EVMA). One of the problems with motion detection for video recording systems is that a full recording of video is never obtained. We’re working on fixing that. Our members and programmers are just now starting on this programming application. Our hope is to create a program that will take existing AVI video and scan it for not just motion, but also distance traveled across the screen and size. With this program, we hope to methodically examine video under constant standards. Once the program is developed and tested, we will offer this technology to other scientists, organizations, and groups as well.




images-4THE PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE REGISTRY. By late December of 2016, ISRAE will have sponsorsed a separate website designed specifically for scientifically collecting paranormal experiences on an international level. We are currently submitting this detailed survey for ethical review and preparing for contributions of experiences from people like you! Learn more about the PER here.