POLTERGEIST WEDNESDAY: Iceland Farms and Moving Furniture

ost-places-1658268__180May 23rd, 1964: Sauar, Iceland. William Roll left the Parapsychological Convention in Oxford to visit a farm of strange disturbances. At the time, the Icelandic Society for Psychical Research had already been to the farm, where the inhabitants reported the kitchen table moving, a cupboard had fallen over several times and crockery had been broken. The inhabitants, an older couple had reported that the incidents had started with a sixty-pound table moved three feet into their bedroom.  The very next day, according to the occupants, and not only a chair, but multiple cups, dishes, and even knives had been scattered and broken!

landscape-1619283__340Having personally visited the farm, but not witnessing any phenomena, Roll had to rely on second hand accounts. Additional reported incidents included the dogs of the farm refusing to enter the house, the daughter of the couple hearing a strong wind that shook the actual house, and the kitchen table moving on its own on two separate occasions.


eitg86zlptRoll, who believes that poltergeist activity is unconscious psychic manifestation, noticed that the Mother who lived on the farm wanted to move, whereas the father did not. A period where the mother went to the hospital resulted in all activity ceasing until her return. Once the husband relented to sell the farm, all activity in the home and farm had ceased.


Unconscious Psychic Conflict, Fraud, or Exaggeration? You be the judge.



Submitted By: Brian Laythe


Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.

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