POLTERGEIST WEDNESDAY: Germans and Poltergeists

spookycastleIn Dr. Roll’s travels during 1964, Roll had an opportunity to visit Germany and the Institut fur GrenzgebietederPsychologie und Psychohygiene, headed by Dr. Hans Bender. A German Parapsychology institute. Being allowed to study their case files, Roll recounts a particularly interesting case that occurred in 1948. The location was Vachendorf, Bavaria, and involved a refugee family and their 14-year-old daughter who were staying in a room in a local old mansion.

scary-house-677368__180The couple and daughter reported that the two beds in the room had rocks, tools and various objects thrown on it! If the account is to be believed, the tools and objects were placed in a toolbox in the room, and the mother sat on them. To her astonishment, various objects from the toolbox mysteriously started appearing in different parts of the room! The couple and daughter also witnessed linen from the attic mysteriously appear in the room and fall to the floor. The Father actually had a wooden shoe come out of a cupboard and hit him squarely in the head.

redwood-national-park-1587301__340Although these accounts were first hand, witnesses to the events were lacking other than the family. Thus, this is one of those Poltergeist cases that the skeptic or believer will have to take on face value. However, when the daughter left for the holidays, in typical poltergeist style, all activity ceased but were reported to start up again in their new location. This type of account should simply remind the reader that the story of the poltergeist is not a new phenomenon, and certainly not limited (regardless of its explanation) to America or the United Kingdom.

Submitted By: Brian Laythe


Roll, W. (1972).The poltergeist. New York, Doubleday.

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