Physicalism: Can Science Say That “Everything” Is Based In Matter?

One of the biggest hurdles in parapsychology is the mainstream belief that all reality is based on physical interactions we can measure (also known as Materialism, Scientism, or Reductionism). Gebelein, a manager within the Journal of Parapsychology, provides his personal opinions on this issue, and they make for interesting reading.



Consider the following referenced arguments made by Gebelein, and ask yourself about these issues.

  1. Gebelein rightfully claims that evolution has replaced creationism in science. However, biologists have found examples of animal species that are contrary to Darwin and evolutionary theory.
  2. Despite the study of the brain, consciousness (the mind) is completely not understood in mainstream science.
  3. Scientists are forced to “believe” in physicalism, despite a strong body of evidence in parapsychology, quantum physics, and other fields.
  4. That essentially, the belief that everything is physical is a belief, without basis in science or evidence, but is treated as scientific fact.
  5. That mainstream science has been caught changing the rules or cheating when evaluating the evidence for parapsychology.


Is Gebelein correct? Well, his evidence seems to support many of his claims. However, the principal point Gebelin makes is that we have confused belief with science. Science is a method, a process, and it is determined by evidence and not belief.



Gebelein, R. S. (2013). Guest editorial: Physicalism. Journal of Parapsychology, 77, 159-164.


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