Does Astrology Predict Personality?

sundial-1388070In a small study of only 54 participants, researchers were asked to identify their personality profile based on one true and one bogus report of a standardized personality test. The same procedure (genuine and bogus) was used for a computer generated astrology birth chart. The question, which of the two methods (astrology or personality measure) would end up with more participants selecting the non-bogus report?

startup-849805These researchers showed that participants were more able to select their correct personality profile, but were unable to identify their genuine astrological birth chart. However, the difference in correctly selecting a correct personality profile versus a bogus one was only about 15%. While above chance, this is not a powerful effect. Astrological chart selection showed less than a 5% difference in selection of an accurate or bogus report.

skeletons-1617539The researchers in the study went on to examine many additional factors that contributed to this finding. However, the question that remains is this. Are astrological birth charts poor predictors of personality, or simply more complex and difficult to interpret? To our knowledge, the answer to this question is unknown to science. Detailed studies on astrology are very sparse in scientific research.


Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Wyman, J. A., Vyse, S. (2008). Science versus the stars: A double-blind test of validity of the NEO five-factor inventory and computer-generated astrological natal charts. The Journal of General Psychology, 135, 287-300.


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