Are Symbols in Dreams Portents of the Future?

spiderweb-19178In a case study examining the content of 3920 of his own dreams, Paquette asks the question if dream content contains meaningful symbols and content that may indicate psychic information. Although not commonly known, a great deal of debate has occurred within psychology over the meaning of dreams. Some researchers claim that dreams are just the brain processing information collected over the day. Others claim that dream content has symbols that access our unconscious minds. Some parapsychologists have had previous success with psychic dreams.

raven-1002849Paquette discovered that less than one percent of the reviewed dreams contained clear symbol content. This finding was in contrast to 11 dreams that represented psychic content that was later experienced (precognition). Paquette, although analyzing his own content, makes the case that symbols alone are relatively rare in his dream cycles.

halloween-22055So are we more likely to have a precognitive dream with a direct image of events to come? Or, is it more likely the case that we will see some type of symbol that we have to interpret? Paquette’s experiences suggest that our dream images, if precognitive, will contain very direct imagery, which we will experience later. Reader beware, case studies are often not reflective of large sample studies, but Paquette’s research may tell us something down the road about psychic dreaming.    




Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Paquette, A. (2016). The rarity of unambiguous symbols in dreams: A case study. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 30, 199-216.

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