New Cases of Out of Body Experiences!

monster-1454286Carlos Alvarado, a very dedicated and published parapsychologist, reports on the rare phenomena out-of-body experiences (OBEs). OBE’s are when a person finds themselves outside of their bodies, often looking down on themselves. Alvarado in this article focuses on the rare instances when OBE’s occur while people are physically active and reports four new cases. Some interesting trends are shown.

blogger-336371When people are active, OBE’s are relatively rare. Alvarado examines twenty two cases of physically active OBEs. Results show that women are slightly more prone to an active OBE (27.3% versus 22.7% for men). In terms of what these people were doing when they had the OBE, the majority were talking , or driving a vehicle (Yikes). In all of these cases, people who experienced OBEs watched themselves as they continued their various activities!

cityscape-871743Alvarado concludes that OBE’s have often been researched alongside near death experiences (NDE). As a result, not as much research has been conducted on physically active OBE. The experience of either NDE or OBE is still debated by science as to whether or not these experiences are generated by the brain, or representative of a paranormal experience. Although associated with a psychological tendency to detach the waking self from the body (Dissociation), in depth brain studies to date, have not been conducted.



Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Alvarado, C. S. (2016). Out of body experiences during physical activity: Report of four new cases. Journal for the Society for Psychical Research, 80, 1-12.

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  1. I had an OBE, I started work in a supermarket and was in pain with my back after a long day, I went to bed at normal time 10pm, In the early hours of the morning I found I was out of my body on the floor and someone rubbing my back very gently, I was not scared but found myself floating back into my body, I was cold now, but fell asleep again, and in the morning I had no back pain at all. I told my mother and she said it could have been my Nan as she slept in my bed near to moving into a nursing home.

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