Can Magnetic Waves Produce False Paranormal Memories?

skull-1626815Michael Persinger, a famous neuroscientist in paranormal circles, has spent decades studying electromagnetic fields and their effects on humans in the laboratory. In this study, their goal was to determine if magnetic fields could produce false memories in humans. After attempting to induce hypnosis with forty-eight subjects, people were given a narrative to listen to. Some people were subjected to weak magnetic fields during this period, and others were left alone.  

dsc_0115People were brought back a week later to be tested for memory recall. Persinger found that individuals who were subjected to magnetic fields produced three times more false memories about the story they listened to compared to the group that did not receive a magnetic field treatment. However, the group that did not receive magnetic fields also produced some false memories.

power-1549119In the closing of the article, Persinger states that function of the temporal lobes of the brain was related to false memory production when treated with electromagnetic waves. He also found that false memories were more likely from this group when remembering the end of the narrative, but less likely during the beginning of the recalled narrative.

Just to be safe, don’t study near power lines.



Submitted By: Brian Laythe


Healey, F., & Persinger, M. A. (2001). Experimental production of illusory (false) memories in reconstructions of narratives: Effect size and potential mediation by right hemispheric stimulation from complex, weak magnetic fields. International Journal of Neuroscience,106, 195-207.

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