How Does Meditation Influence Creativity?


imagesThere have been quite a few studies conducted that have linked meditation and creativity. It has been suggested meditation heightens creativity. Meditation impacts how we manage our attention. The current study aims to explore how the various aspects of meditation style affect creativity and attention.




stones-840175__180The two meditation styles used in this study are mindfulness meditation and concentrative meditation. In mindfulness meditation practitioners are instructed to be mindful of their environment, their breath, and their emotions. Those practicing in this form of meditation are given more freedom with their thoughts than those who are practicing concentrative meditation. Those who are engaging in concentrative meditation are instructed to concentrate on one thing, and they are instructed to not deter from that.

wikileaks-confirms-etIt was found that participants were more creative after the meditation session, with an average of two more ideas after meditation. However, the results showed that participants in the concentrative meditation group scored higher in cognitive flexibility. This is the ability to overcome fixed thought patterns. This is thought to be a key element in creativity. There was no significant difference between pre and post-meditation for the mindfulness meditation group in terms of cognitive flexibility.


Submitted by: Autumn Hockenbury


Gerasimova, A., Muller, B., & Ritter, S. M. (2016) Concentrative meditation influences creativity by increasing cognitive flexibility. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, 10, 278-286.

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