Near Death Experiences Effects on Spiritual Well Being

download-1Does the occurrence of near death experiences increase your religious beliefs or spirituality? Khanna et. al. states that it does play a role in your spiritual well-being. Multiple previous studies have reported that they have seen a great amount of people who before their NDE having little to no belief in religion or spirituality, and dramatically increase their spirituality after the incidence.

download-2It is reported by NDE individuals that they have gained a new meaning for life, loss of fear of death, and a greater love for people, the environment, and life overall. As these studies have looked at the relationship between the growth in beliefs and near death experiences, Khanna and colleagues looked at the spiritual well-being, specifically.

imagesIn the current study, NDE’s were measured, as well as spiritual well-being. The depth of these experiences and the depth of increase in well-being were also examined. Results found that the individuals who had reported having a near-death experience tended to have a greater gain in their spiritual well being. ┬áIt is suggested that regardless of religious orientation before the NDE, these NDE’s could potentially be a spiritual intervention for the individuals.



Submitted by: Jossalyn DeLeon

Khanna, S., & Greyson, B. (2014). Near-Death Experiences and Spiritual Well-Being. Journal Of Religion & Health, 53, 1605-1615.

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