Did Freud Pioneer Energy Healing?


power-1549119The term energy healing refers to natural healing processes that occur when energy is redistributed or released. Energy can be blocked by illness or disease. What if there was evidence that Sigmund Freud helped develop modern forms of energy healing? A great deal of Freud’s work centers on the ebb and flow of energy. Freud’s concepts of cathexis and dynamic theories show this trend. Cathexis is the concentration of mental energy on one particular object. This can be unhealthy because it blocks the normal flow of energy. In Freud’s theories, he discussed the tensions that arise when various aspects of the personality that are in conflict, or conflicted flows of energy. This tension can result in fixation or a complex.

connecting-rods-1498674There is evidence that Freud administered the three basic forms of energy healing in his practice. The first form of energy healing applies physical equipment to the body to promote natural healing. An example of this in Freud’s therapy would be electrolysis.

8296581977_4960bea0c6_bThe second form of energy healing involves the healer using their own body to influence energy ,such as the practice of hypnotherapy. The third type of energy healing is referred to as radiant healing. This is when a healer channels energy from the universe to encourage healing. An example of this free association, a technique used in psychoanalysis which was designed by Freud. Psychoanalysis uncovers and releases blocked or unbalanced energy, which according to the authors is energy healing.



Submitted by: Autumn Hockenbury


Edwards, D. J., Edwards, S. D., & Phil, D. (2010) Sigmund Freud: Pioneer in Energy Healing. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 16, 219-222.

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