Does A Near Death Experience Make You More Spiritual?

yosemite-1590013__340Khanna and Greyson (2014) conducted a study to determine if those that have been through a near-death experience had an increase in spirituality on a daily basis. Some people have heard their medical staff pronounce them as dead, and then they return to their bodies. The feeling of walking into a light has been described after the patient has returned and become conscious once again. They also reported that they felt as if they were dead for a period of time. People have talked about them leaving their bodies, the feeling of complete and utter calmness, and a bright white light.

4680251952_a1f8dd22fe_bThe study consisted of questionnaires about spiritual experience prior to their NDE and compared them to after the NDE to determine if there was an increase or decrease in the person’s daily spiritual experience. The scores on spirituality AFTER an NDE was calculated for people who had an NDE compared to those that had not ever experienced an NDE. Those that had an NDE scored higher in daily spirituality than those people who had not ever had an NDE.


324228045_fc9c736bb1_bThose people that had an NDE reported that after the event they had major life changes not only in spirituality but also in tolerability of others, greater confidence in themselves, and a  better appreciation for life. They also report a renewed sense of purpose, a decrease in the wanting of materialistic possessions, a higher sense of spirituality, increase in love and understanding as well as a greatly reduced fear of death. People who have reported an NDE, tend to change their life and their daily spiritual experiences due to that experience.

Submitted By: Bridget Cotton


Khanna, S., & Greyson, B. (2014) Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 6, 302–309.

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