How People Change After a Near Death Experience

arch-896900__340Klemenc-Ketis (2011) conducted a study to determine if life changes in cardiac arrest patients that experienced a near death experience would continue after the NDE.  Some patients experience post-traumatic stress disorder after having a cardiac arrest, and that makes their life change as well. They become more aware of people in their lives, keep close tabs on their health, and more attentive to their needs as well as the needs of those around them. 

tarantula-nebula-1245253__340They found that people that had cardiac arrest with a NDE made more life changes in certain aspects of their life. In their social life NDE patients showed more empathy, more awareness to others around them, and better understanding of other people, compared to those that had a cardiac arrest without an NDE. In their spirituality, those that had  an NDE increased in their beliefs and looking for more spiritual growth compared to those that did not have an NDE. Those that had an NDE also no longer feared death and believed more in an afterlife then before their NDE.

download-2Six months later, researchers found that those that had just experienced a cardiac arrest did not have major life changes compared to those that did have an NDE. Those that only has a cardiac arrest only had changed parts in their life that dealt with their health. Thus, the research concludes that NDE’s, factual or not, create persistent changes in people’s lives.

Submitted By: Bridget Cotton


 Klemenc-Ketis, Z. (2011). International Society Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 20, 7–12.

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