14597685867_3b6125468a_bWe hope you enjoyed our first month of Paranormal Facts! As a community service, the people at the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience intend to keep it up. In fact, you can count on Paranormal Facts for the foreseeable future, or until we run out of parapsychology and related science to report. At our current pace, more research gets published quicker than we could ever report it.

14766419465_1f65cc0bc2_bSo if you like what we’re doing, or enjoy reading Paranormal Facts, consider spreading the word. If you’re feeling generous, consider donating. This is just one of several projects on paranormal phenomena that were trying to provide. For instance, in the spring, we will be offering a free on-line college level parapsychology class for anyone and everyone. We’ll keep you posted.

14587006628_93e557643d_bIf you’re asking why we do it, the answer is simple. We really believe that most people can’t get access to good research and science on paranormal activity. There is a lot of good information out there, but it’s not easy to get to, and funding for research is almost impossible. So, we will keep researching, keep posting Paranormal Facts and keep writing until people do know where to go. Let us know what you need, and support us if you can.

We can’t cure diseases, and we can’t save all the animals, but we can offer quality research and information on paranormal events to the public.


P.S. It’s getting to be that season, so go support a Parapsychologist. We need the support.

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