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One of the questions we get from readers of Paranormal Facts is, “How do your summaries differ from the research articles you summarize?” The answer is that they differ a great deal. With the exception of the occasional parapsychologist, most of our readership are not scientists. That is our audience here and we hope you enjoy our summaries.

However, please remember that most research articles (which by the by, are the basis for college textbooks and academic debates) are usually between 20 and 30 pages each. Each published research article contains MASSIVE amounts of mathematics and scientific details. While valuable to other scientists and to the field, most of these details would detract from the main findings for the everyday Joe.

So the answer is that we try our best to highlight either the main findings of a research article or an interesting aspect of a research article for you to read as Paranormal Facts. As a scientist, I encourage any of you to personally subscribe to the major parapsychology journals. Not only will you support the non-profits that publish the journals, they make for exciting and fun reading (even if science jargon is not your style).


Links to the major three are listed below.

Society for Scientific Exploration (Journal for Scientific Exploration)

Parapsychological Association (Journal of Parapsychology)

Society for Psychical Research (Journal of the Society for Psychical Research)


Get your reading on!

Dr. Laythe

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