technology-1497176THE PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE REGISTRY HAS BEEN LAUNCHED. An international registry for paranormal experiences of all types. Designed by psychologists, detailed in its questions. Available to the public. Searchable. A secure place to anonymously share your experiences so that others can benefit from them, and you can benefit from theirs.

Why Create the PER?

 Paranormal Experiences Are Common Among Americans

dark-1329806Many people think that paranormal experiences are rare, but that is not the case. Our research shows that two-thirds of our local population can report some type of a haunting experience. Other researchers (Rice, 2003) report nationally that approximately one-third of people have reported a paranormal experience. The problem is that people feel pressured not to share these experiences with others.

Paranormal Experiences Are Unsettling

church-1253715Both from personal experience and research, even positive paranormal events (which are rare compared to negative events) distress people. Many people become confused, scared, anxious, or sometimes even terrified by these personal experiences.

Recent Information Is Not Available

cemetery-1534311With the advent of the internet, we have the power to reach people in a way early researchers never could. We want tens of thousands of people to safely and securely report their experiences. From these reports, we will analyze the common themes, experiences, environment, and consequences associated with these events.

Data for Researchers, Information for the Public

computer-1209641Television is a poor place to get facts. We believe that people need a place to obtain reliable and accessible information. With that in mind, we hope to provide a searchable database for people who have experienced the bizarre and paranormal. It is our hope that the reports and analyses provided by the PER can help people know that they are not alone in their experiences. We also hope to safely and responsibly manage the PER for years to come so that social scientists, ministers, therapists, and other related fields have a reliable source of information to help them with clients who report these types of events.