Modern Physical Mediums in Germany: Part II

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In our previous Paranormal Facts, we reported a paper that examines the physical mediumship of Kai Mugge in Germany. Kai under various degrees of control has produced anomalous lights, the production of ectoplasm, floating tables, and the teleportation of objects. However, in this summary and the previous, both authors agree that some of the anomalous lights and the production of

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Modern Physical Mediums in Germany: Part 1

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The next two entries of Paranormal Facts concerns the exact same subject addressed by two separate research authors. Its target was the FEG group, a seance circle with a gentleman named Kai Mugge who serves as their medium. Kai is a physical medium, who in seance sessions has been reported to channel the spirit of Hans Bender, a famous parapsychologist.

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The Role and Bias of Science in Society

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Bauer in a contextual article attempts to explain the contrast between the beliefs of mainstream science versus what is coined pseudo-science. Bauer’s evidential claim is that pseudoscience does not really exist. It is simply a label used by mainstream science for any series of research that is contrary to the existing public image and beliefs of popular science.   Can

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Evidence for Cosmic Ether

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DeMeo in a recent article reviews the history of cosmological and physics science. Specifically, he reviews the experiments of Dayton Miller. Although at first glance conspiratorial, DeMeo makes a solid case that ether, the proposed substance that exists in space, which in mainstream science is not believed to exist) in fact does exist.   Dr. Miller spent decades refining a

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“Salience” and Motivation as Predictors of Unconventional Beliefs

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Irwin in some of his recent work further explores the psychological components of human’s and their endorsement of scientifically unaccepted beliefs. In the current research, Irwin examines aberrant salience, which roughly translates into a tendency to become focused on a small piece of evidence while ignoring the broader body of evidence of a particular belief.   Irwin also investigates the

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Bio-Energy Debunked or Found?

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Many forms of alternative medicine believe in a bio-energy, some form of energy produced by the human body that can be used to effect healings. Previous research claims to have detected this energy around the heads of participants with the use of a mesh dome that is allowed to swing like a pendulum. Placing a human subject’s head under this

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Training Psychokinesis: The Brief Career of Felicia Parise

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One not so commonly known occurrence of the movement of objects with the mind (psychokinesis: PK) occurred with the interest of Felicia Parise. Having been exposed to the famous Russian PK producer Nina Kulagina, Felicia became determined to practice PK until she ultimately was able to move small objects with the power of her mind.   Felicia, under controlled conditions,

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Paranormal Facts Could Use Your Support

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Hello Readers! I wanted to reach out to all of you and thank you for your readership of Paranormal Facts. We are proud to announce that we have almost 4000 repeat visitors per month! As we still have a few months to go before we reach a year of Paranormal Facts, none of us here at ISRAE can complain about

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Evolution and Parapsychology?

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Work by McClenon examined if theories based on evolution would be verified by collecting a large community sample. The researcher examined specific expectations about survival and adaptability based on beliefs in the paranormal. These theories are referred to in this paper as “sheep”, “goat”, and “black sheep” in relation to these evolutionary tests.   The sheep theory claims that believers

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Does Psi Get a Fair Shake?

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Although not known by the public, parapsychology has been plagued by criticism from mainstream science. Parapsychologists have always found this bias unfair, as the methods used in parapsychology are the exact same as those used in conventional science (and in many cases, more strict). Despite this, and a growing body of research that validates psychic ability, mainstream science denies the

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