Paranormal Facts Is Back

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, First off, we apologize for the hiatus of Paranormal Facts. The non-profit and our members got entrenched in various obligations and we had to take a pause. Fear not. WE’RE BACK. However, to keep things under control, we will be reducing our posts to TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. We’re sorry for less content, but it is what

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Geomagnetic Fields and Psi

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Roney-Dougal and colleagues conducted an interesting study where they attempted to examine any relationship between geomagnetic regional activity and psychic ability. Geomagnetic fields are the natural fields created by the earth that protect us from various radiation in space. Interestingly, the current study was performed with Tibetan monks and geomagnetic activity was registered with the help of a British geological

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Nonintentional Versus Intentional ESP

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Some researchers of extrasensory perception have theorized that we all use ESP to protect ourselves but at an unconscious level. The concept, essentially, is that ESP looks like luck to most of us. The current study examined non-intentional ESP compared with the intentional use of ESP.   The current study found that participants in the non-intentional ESP task overall scored

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Throwback Wednesday: Recent Poltergeist History

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William Roll, an undisputed expert on poltergeist cases, spent much of his career investigating modern Poltergeist. He also spent considerable time writing research articles and looking at historical claims of the Poltergeist, or “noisy ghost”. Unsurprisingly, the phenomena is not a recent trend and often has substantial witnesses to objects flying or breaking. Roll claims in 1979 that he discovered no

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Ultraviolet Light As A Mechanism For Psi?

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Researchers at the Rhine Institute recently conducted a study in a specially constructed lab with highly sensitive light detection equipment. The goal? To examine if people who meditate, heal others, or regular people produce ultraviolet light (a type of light invisible to the naked eye). These researchers propose that UV (and IR) light emission might serve as an energy mechanism

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Help With Paranormal Facts

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  I wanted to reach out to all of you and thank you for your readership of Paranormal Facts. We are proud to announce that we have almost 4000 repeat visitors per month! As we still have a few months to go before we reach a year of Paranormal Facts, none of us here at ISRAE can complain about those

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Wednesday Throwback: The Seaford Long Island Disturbances

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One of William Roll’s first investigations, the Herrmanns reported that their two children, Lucille and James, reported noises of bottles popping their caps. Holy water uncapped and spilled in the house. A doll was found with its legs broken. Roll was called in to investigate these claims. The first interview with a patrolman reported the same bottle popping phenomena, while

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Do Those Who Can Be Hypnotized Perform Better With ESP?

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Marcusson-Clavertz recently conducted a modified Ganzfeld ESP study in hopes of examining how hypnotizability and altered states of consciousness might affect the ability to use ESP. Using the Ganzfeld method, which has excellently controlled for mistakes and errors in psi research over the last several decades, these researchers recruited 14 highly hypnotizable individuals and 12 individuals resistant to hypnosis. Each

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What to Expect If Visited By The Dead

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A study by Haraldsson looks at the features of 337 more recent cases of personal encounters with the dead in Iceland. Inspired by a similar work released by the Society for Psychical Research (Gurney, Meyers, & Podmore, 1886), the current article reviews more modern cases to examine the characteristics of experiences of being visited by the dead.   Haraldsson’s data

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