OCD, Anxiety, and its relationship to Paranormal Belief

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Agorastos, Metscher, Huber, Jelinek, Vitzhum, Muhtz, Kellner and Moritz (2012) conducted a study that investigated the differences in Religiosity/Spirituality and the belief in magical/paranormal ideation among people who suffer from anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Researchers wanted to do a parallel comparison study between religiosity/spirituality, magical, and paranormal beliefs between two groups of healthy and those who suffered from AD, and OCD. Inpatient subjects who had a principal diagnosis of OCD or another type of AD were recruited for this study. Subjects for the control group were recruited from a variety of sources such as outreach community workers, clinical staff, and students. 


Results showed no significant differences between OCD, AD, and outpatient groups in regards to all magical ideation and paranormal beliefs. There was no significant difference between the OCD and AD subjects as well. Subscales were analyzed and found a significant difference among the three groups negatively in regards to religious beliefs and religious coping.  Results in the Healthy Group and Non-Healthy Groups showed healthy subjects had lower scores in negative religious coping than those who were in the non-healthy group.  There was no significant differences between healthy and unhealthy groups in this study. Paranormal belief scores showed no significant differences. Thus paranormal beliefs are not related to either OCD or AD.


Agorastos, A. Metscher, T. Huber, C.G. Jelinek, L. Vitzthum, F. Muhtz, C. Kellner, M. and Moritz, S. (2012). Religiosity, Magical Ideation, and Paranormal Beliefs in Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:A Cross-Sectional Study. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 200, (10), 876-884.

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