Moving Objects With The Mind: An Energy Theory

William Roll, in his last work before passing away, teamed up with William Joines to examine theories about how poltergeist objects thrown about by invisible forces might work in a physics model. Roll has long theorized that poltergeist cases are actually due to the unconscious psychic activity of a target person involved in the “haunting”. He referred to this phenomena as Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK).


Although the theories supported in this paper are based on individual cases of poltergeists, the authors found several interesting trends in RSPK phenomena. First, they found that a number of objects that would move were associated with the distance of the target person the poltergeist activity centered around. As distance increased, the number of incidents of objects moving decreased. Second, this pattern of distance matches the physics formula for the decay of electromagnetic waves.


Finally, both authors posit that the source of RSPK (poltergeist) phenomena may be what is called ZPE or “zero point energy” a field of energy that is theorized to permeate everything and everyone. Roll and Joines theorize that RSPK could be explained by manipulation of ZPE and electromagnetic waves and that future research should focus on these physics variables.


Roll, W. J., & Joines, W. T. (2013). RSPK and consciousness. Journal of Parapsychology, 77, 192-211.


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