Modern Physical Mediums in Germany: Part 1

The next two entries of Paranormal Facts concerns the exact same subject addressed by two separate research authors. Its target was the FEG group, a seance circle with a gentleman named Kai Mugge who serves as their medium. Kai is a physical medium, who in seance sessions has been reported to channel the spirit of Hans Bender, a famous parapsychologist.


Kai’s reported phenomena are varied but include anomalous lights, the production of ectoplasm, floating tables, and apportation of objects (i.e. crystals, nuggets of copper, e.t.c.). He has produced these phenomena under semi-laboratory conditions and stricter conditions.


However, while some phenomena have yet to be explained (i.e. tables floating), other phenomena Kai exhibits have come under suspicion due to trickery. In particular, Kai’s production of ectoplasm has been associated with his purchase of Halloween cobwebs. Likewise, the author of the current paper was able to associate movements of Kai’s hand with the production of an anomalous light (a light which can be recreated with an led device).


So the question remains, is Kai Mugge’s phenomena legitimately anomalous. The author of this report remains skeptical.


Nahm, M. (2014). The development and phenomena of a circle for physical mediumship. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28, 229-283.

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