Meditating the Ghost Away

Kruth and Joines recently published an article with a very interesting premise. A poltergeist case had been reported to the Rhine Institute. The nature of the phenomena involved electronic poltergeist disturbance (EPD), where the bizarre behavior of electronics, computers, and lights occur in the target location or around the target person.

After consulting with computer experts to determine if the EPD could be explained by normal means (computing experts were used) these researchers attempted to help the family by training the members in meditation, mindful awareness, and targeted focus. The goal was not to necessarily end the PK events, but alleviate the anxiety around them.

Although not conclusive, EPD phenomena dispersed in three months. More importantly, the person the events centered around reported a calm and confident attitude when using the meditation techniques provided. Both researchers encourage further study to see if mediation can be regularly used as a method for helping families deal with paranormal phenomena.


Kruth, J. G., & Joines, W. T. (2016). Taming the ghost within: An approach toward addressing apparent electronic poltergeist activity. Journal of Parapsychology, 80, 70-86.

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