ISRAE CASE FILE: Black Moon Manor. May it Rest In Peace

smokeinforestWe normally do not report our own work for Paranormal Facts. This Christmas season, we’re going to make an exception. Enter the case of one Black Moon Manor, a location off of Indianapolis Indiana which was preparing to open as a haunted attraction (AKA people with masks and chainsaws) in the area. However, the renters of the location quickly decided to open the location to legitimate investigation after several physical assaults from unseen forces and power tools moving on their own accord started happening.

ost-places-1658263__180Unlike what you may see on T.V. shows, we investigate supposed haunted locations using scientific laboratory procedure. What that means is that we control who enters and exits, maintain cameras and audio equipment throughout a location, time stamp our audio and video, and in particular, collect data-logged readings of EMF and GMF in our investigations. All exits and entries are recorded, and we can compare any audio, video, or EMF reading for any given second of time. We typically can explain psychologically or by common explanation 95% of what some investigators would call paranormal evidence. However, Black Moon Manor did an excellent job of confounding us.

old-house-851545__180Across seven investigations, we personally witnessed objects teleporting from rooms (including a full sized plastic chair). In controlled conditions actually caught three very clear pieces of footage of seven-foot tall human shadows coming from the basement, when the room was empty. We have camera footage proving that no one was behind the camera casting shadows, and spent three hours trying to re-create the effect with no success. We also caught several EVP of clear child-like voices and were able to demonstrate with four other audio recorders that no noise was present in the house at the time the EVPs occurred. For those of you interested, we also discovered a significant relationship between brief EMF spikes and the events we have described above. We published this research in the Journal of Parapsychology in 2013.

Sadly, Black Moon Manor was torn down a few years back, so we will never get to return to further investigate the location. So far, Black Moon Manor has been our second most productive site we have ever been able to study. We at ISRAE hope we can find another site that produces the phenomena that Black Moon did. Keep your fingers crossed.

Submitted By: Brian Laythe


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