ISRAE and Paranormal Facts

Hello Readers.

We hope that you are enjoying our research summaries. We here at the institute are trying to make Paranormal Facts enjoyable summaries of hard to get to literature.

We just wanted to send a quick reminder that we at the Institute can use your help and support. Our desire to spread legitimate resources for paranormal experiences only happens with your kind and generous donations. If you’re a fan of the paranormal and want to see more research done, then we hope you will consider us as a good place for your generosity.

We’re still working on the finishing touches for our free parapsychology class. But rest assured┬áthat we should have the class up and running in the next 60 days. We hope you’ll find the time to take advantage of the course.

Also, we should also have the Paranormal Experience Registry up and running within the end of the month. If you have paranormal experiences to share, we could use your time and experience. Hopefully, the PER will end up being one of the largest datasets for social scientists to further understand paranormal experiences.

In closing, we hope you’ll keep reading, and stay involved. Tell your friends about us. Share Paranormal Facts with others. We’re pretty sure you won’t find what were doing anywhere else.

Safe and Happy Days,



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