Is a Belief in the Paranormal a Diagnosis of a Mental Disorder?

spotlightDo you believe in the paranormal? Are you depressed or suffer from other psychological issues? According to an article by Simon Dein, the prevalence of psychological issues and paranormal belief may be linked. Such as, people who heavily believe in the paranormal are more likely to display Schizophrenic symptoms. This makes sense, as some of the ways doctors diagnose schizophrenia is by asking about hearing voices, thought sharing, or other types of phenomenon that can be seen as telepathic.

people-845710_960_720People who were diagnosed with manic-depression or manic-depressive episodes had a high Idolization of magic and the paranormal. However, other studies showed that half of the participants had insignificantly low psychological behaviors, but greatly believed in the paranormal, and the other half of paranormal believers had high scores of psychological issues. This means that just because you believe in the paranormal does not necessarily mean you have or will develop a psychological disorder.



In conclusion, there is no direct link found as of yet between psychological issues and paranormal beliefs. However, the correlation definitely exists and a sudden interest in the paranormal can be an early and important indicator that someone may need psychological help.





Summited by: Ryan Malone


International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 31 (1). Retrieved from

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