How Do People See Auras?


ghost-518322__180Recent work by Carlos Alvarado summarizes several first-hand accounts of people who have seen auras. Although not commonly known, the experience of seeing an aura around a person has come in a variety of forms, both in modern accounts and throughout historical accounts. Sadly, little research work has been done on these types of paranormal experiences.


tarantula-nebula-1245253__340Alvarado has separated the aura experience into several categories. Many people have reported halos around the head. Others report a powerful glow that surrounds either the living or the dead. Some people experience flashes or glimmers; a series of flashes or bursts of light that are not constant. Yet other people have reported seeing beams of light coming out of people. Finally, some people report mists or cloud like energy surrounding people as an aura.


sunrise-1620381__340What should be evident from the case reports Alvarado collected is that sensitives and regular people often perceive auras in many different ways. There seems to be clusters of experiences that are similar, but a variety in the way people experience auras. If you happen to be one of these people, have no fear if others who report seeing auras share a different experience.



Submitted by: Brian Laythe



Alverado, C. (2016). Research Note: The variety of aura experiences. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 80, 223-229.

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