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stairsHopefully, some of you by now have been reading our blogs, and you might be wondering why we need your donations. The goal of ISRAE is to provide balanced research to one of the world’s oldest mysteries, hauntings, and paranormal experiences. Parapsychologists have generally (with some notable exceptions) neglected haunting phenomena in favor of tightly controlled laboratory research studies. But, you, the public, are much more affected by hauntings and paranormal experiences out in the real world.

spookywaverlyAs part of our dedication to scientific research on these fields, that’s why we provide paranormal facts. There is a host of good scientific research that can help give people reliable answers to paranormal experiences. However, there is a lot more work to be done.

Soon we will be expanding our public service to include a completely free parapsychology course for the public. Expect us to announce our grand opening of the course in late January.

We will also start the Paranormal Experience Registry soon. This site will invite all of you (and thousands in the U.S and the United Kingdom) to contribute your paranormal experiences for the purpose of scientific research. It will be completely anonymous, so you can report your experiences safely.

spookyroadMany people are unnerved by such experiences. We intend to make common findings about paranormal experiences available to anyone who visits the site. That way, if something strange happens to you, you can examine accounts and relationships between paranormal experiences to educate yourself and compare your experience with others.

If we haven’t lost your attention, we all do this work on a volunteer basis. We know those of you that give to charities can help more worthy causes than ours. But, every dollar you contribute to us goes directly to research and projects like the PER, Paranormal Facts, and our Parapsychology Class. We need your help to keep the Institute running. At least with our non-profit, you can see your donations at work.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you’ll keep reading.

Submitted By: Brian Laythe


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