Give Time to the PER

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you’ve taken the time to visit our website, you know that we’ve¬†been preparing a comprehensive study of paranormal experiences: The Paranormal Experience Registry. Our goal is to collect thousands of responses from people across the US and UK. Once we collect enough responses, we will anonymously¬†post the general results so that others who have had paranormal experiences can compare their experience with others.

Our hope is that this will provide some comfort to those who’ve had negative experiences, helping them to know they’re not alone.

SO, if you are unable to support us in other ways, PLEASE consider sharing your personal paranormal experiences on the site. The PER takes some time, but it’s going toward a common good and will (hopefully) serve as a comprehensive registry for paranormal encounters of all sorts.




Just go to and prepare to answer several questions. Science is thorough, meaning registration may take some time. Think of it as community service, but please register!

Dr. Brian Laythe

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