Geomagnetic Fields and Psi

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Roney-Dougal and colleagues conducted an interesting study where they attempted to examine any relationship between geomagnetic regional activity and psychic ability. Geomagnetic fields are the natural fields created by the earth that protect us from various radiation in space. Interestingly, the current study was performed with Tibetan monks and geomagnetic activity was registered with the help of a British geological institute nearby.



In terms of psi performance, neither males or females performed above chance. However, males performed significantly worse than chance would expect (called psi-missing). Contrary to previous research, the relationship found between geomagnetic fields and performance was not likely due to chance but is reported to be a weak relationship, with other possible explanations.


Finally, the current work looked at seizure symptoms, which have been theorized to be associated with sensitivity to magnetic fields. These researchers found no relationship between either seizure symptoms and geomagnetic fields (although this relationship was significant for women, but not for men). As a secondary analysis, these researchers also did not find a relationship between the phases of the moon and psi performance (although there appeared to be a small relationship between full moons and new moons and performance on psi tasks).


Roney-Dougal, S. M., Ryan, A., & Luke, D. (2013). The relationship between local geomagnetic activity and psychic awareness. Journal of Parapsychology, 78, 235-254.

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