Free Parapsychology Class For All: Opening Soon


We at ISRAE, through our research and campaign efforts, have been struggling to create a quality parapsychology class for readers who may not have a background in research methods. The good news is that, although behind, we are almost finished with the class, and we’re pretty proud of it.

So for those of you who investigate hauntings, love the paranormal, or just want to know what kind of spooky stuff has been studied, we have just the class for you. We at ISRAE believe in the oldest of sayings that “Knowledge is power.”  So we hope this class serves as a good introduction to all of the quality research conducted in parapsychology. With 14 chapters, quizzes, and links to various related blogs, we think you’ll enjoy the course.

Did we mention the course is 100% free? No strings attached. Of course, if you wish to donate, we will gladly thank you for your contributions because people like you keep us going. As soon as we launch, we’ll provide anyone interested with the link so they can get started. Take your time, and by all means, send us your thoughts and comments. At our current pace, we should open our classroom doors at the end of the month.


Finally, if any of our loyal readers would like us to focus on a particular topic for Paranormal Facts, just let us know. E-mail me at We’ll see what we can do.

Best wishes from all of us at ISRAE,

Dr. Brian Laythe



10 thoughts on “Free Parapsychology Class For All: Opening Soon”

  1. I’ve just started my own parano email investigation unit and I think your course would be a great thing for me and my members to take part in.

  2. Hi I am into paranormal investigation . Big time I have come face to face with many full figured entities . I have connected loved ones . . I really want to work with a team like taps . To learn more . I would lover to do a ghost hunters investigation . Thank you

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