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  • At the same time, we’ll start the Paranormal Experience Registry (PER), a safe, anonymous place for people to share their paranormal experiences. We’ll provide you (the public) with the summaries of the findings in easy-to-understand graphs and reliable scientific information about paranormal experiences.

ISRAE Donation

dsc_0041Believe in what we’re doing? Show your support by donating or becoming a sustaining member! As a 501(c)3, every dollar you donate is a tax deduction. Our donation system is set up so you can print a receipt for your generous donation.

Everything we have accomplished through the institute has been done with much more work than money. 90% of the institute’s products, lectures, and research are volunteer labor. We’re that passionate about the cause of unbiased paranormal research. All our members have volunteered hundreds of hours of time, with no compensation. We will continue the journey, but every dollar you contribute helps us produce more research and services for people, at a much faster pace.dsc_0066 We’re the first to admit that our organization will never discover a cure for diseases. But we can shine a light into a domain of human experience that is as old as human history. With knowledge comes acceptance, tolerance, and understanding.

dsc_0119Your donation to


goes toward understanding phenomena that approximately one-third of the world experiences. But we’re the only organization conducting public research accessible to the community. In a word, we’re unique, and your donation is going to a unique cause. Prejudice toward paranormal research cuts us off from the funding sources that other nonprofits and research institutes can apply for. We get by from our own donations, volunteer time, and donors like you. There is no


without your support

Where Does the Money Go?

Every dollar helps us:

  1. Conduct scientific research that provides reliable answers to paranormal phenomena.
  2. Fund public lectures and community service in the form of internships and volunteers.
  3. Support the Paranormal Experience Registry, which will help thousands of people find support by providing information about real people having paranormal experiences.