Section 1. Preface; What is Parapsychology?; The History of Parapsychology; Is Parapsychology Valid as a Science?

Introduction to Parapsychology: Section 1.

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Preface: A Beginners Guide to Parapsychology




A Definition of Parapsychology





The History of Parapsychology



Activities and Readings: The History of Psychology

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Sixteenth Century Ghosts: Mud Biting Poltergeists

The Atlantic Monthly Case of 1868

Sixteenth Century Poltergeists: Nuns Haunting Nuns?

Sixteenth Century Poltergeists: A British Poltergeist

POLTERGEIST MONDAY: Poltergeists In World History


The Validity of Parapsychology as a Science



Activities and Readings

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Are Psychic Experiments Legitimate or Bad Science?