Introduction to Parapsychology

Welcome to the ISRAE landing page for our completely free Parapsychology Course. We designed this course for the average reader who wants to know more about parapsychology. Here you will find a basic summary of the scientific research conducted thus far on paranormal topics. We also provide a basic context and history of the field.

You can start the class right here! We have divided up the series into 6 Sections with an optional test.

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Introduction to Parapsychology Sections:

Section 1. Preface; What is Parapsychology?; The History of Parapsychology; Is Parapsychology Valid as a Science?

Section 2. Macro-Psychokinesis; Mental Influence in the Laboratory; Telepathy and Clairvoyance in The Laboratory

Section 3. Psychic Experiences in the World; Near Death Experiences; Out of Body Experiences

Section 4. Psychic Readings and Remote Viewing; Subjective Paranormal Experiences and Psychology

Section 5. Mediumship and Survival; Haunting and Apparitions

Section 6. Conclusion, References, and Optional Exam







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