Bio-Energy Debunked or Found?

Many forms of alternative medicine believe in a bio-energy, some form of energy produced by the human body that can be used to effect healings. Previous research claims to have detected this energy around the heads of participants with the use of a mesh dome that is allowed to swing like a pendulum. Placing a human subject’s head under this dome has shown to alter it’s oscillations, without any obvious reasons as to why.


Earlier researchers have claimed that the altered behavior of the pendulum is due to bio-energy emitted from the head. The current work further shielded this pendulum with both devices to inhibit any form of air currents and use of a plastic helmet for participants to wear.


Results from these new tests showed that air did not affect the pendulum’s swing (i.e., results were the same as previous work). However, use of the plastic helmet removed all effects that were supposed to be due to bio-energy (i.e., the pendulum behaved as it normally would without a human participant). These researchers state that either the effect of previous studies was due to heat convection of the participant’s head, or that the theorized bio-energy is somehow blocked by plastic. The researchers here tend to believe that the former, and not the latter is most likely the case.


Van den Berg, W. H., & van der Sluys, W. G. (2015). The human bio-energy field detected by a torsion pendulum? The effect of shielding and a possible conventional explanation. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 29, 37-45.

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