Artistic Psychics

Cardena and associates bring to light a prominent trend in psychical research. Namely, that artistic ability and creativity appear to be strongly associated with psychic ability. Famous artists, such as Frantisek Kupka and Victor Brauner, have each shown instances of psychic ability through their art.

The parapsychology community finds the above examples in line with research from the last several decades. Formal psychic testing in laboratory conditions has shown that artists and creative individuals do well in PSI tests, ranging from a 40 to a 75% hit rate of correctly selecting targets sent in controlled conditions. Note that the average rate from analysis of PSI studies is approximately 33% (where chance guessing is 25%).

It is also the case that some famous writers have also personally reported paranormal/psychical phenomena. Cardena and colleagues report on Ted Hughes (Poet Laureate). Hughes practiced altering his state of consciousness through occult methodsĀ and regularly attended several Ouija sessions. Hughes personally recounts several psychic or paranormal encounters involving visions of spirits who would provide information to him.



Creativity, Occultism, and Psychicism. One and the same?


Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Cardena, E., Iribas, A., & Reijman, S. (2012) Art and psi. Journal of Parapsychology, 76, 3-26.

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