alien-contact-2Alien abductions accounts are everywhere, and many people believe them to be false. But, then, how are we to explain away so many similar experiences with the little green men? One such way is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a relatively common ailment that occurs in up to 40% of people. Sometimes people are consciously aware during these episodes and they may have hallucinations, feelings of floating, and feelings of intrusion. Many alien abductions are reported to have happened while the person was sleeping.  Many scientists and doctors have been trying to discover a link between sleep paralysis and alien abductions. Many alien abductees go to specialists that can help them deal with their experience. These specialists have been criticized because of their use of hypnosis, which can create false memories. Many of the abductees have been accused of creating strongly believed false memories ‘implanted’ by the specialist, whether on purpose or not.

cambodia-1600376_960_720Another theory in disproving Alien Abductions is the movement of tectonic plates and the Geo-Magnetic field changes that result. Tectonic plates moving can also generate strong electromagnetic fields. Electronic pulses can affect the brain’s temporal lobes. This stress and over activity in the temporal lobe is often followed by seeing shadowy figures and lapses of time which is often referenced by alien abductees. However, this theory has not been fully tested with abductees.

city-35002In conclusion, there are multiple theories as to what causes people to believe they were abducted by aliens. For now, no clear answer is given and more research must be done for a definite answer.




Submitted by: Ryan Malone

Holden, K.J., & French, C.C. (2002). Alien abduction experiences: Some clues from neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 7(3), 163-178.

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