A Responsive Rapping Poltergeist

Barrie Colvin investigated a supposed poltergeist in Andover, Hampshire, UK in the late 70’s. This particular poltergeist was most known for its rapping (AKA knocking) in response to questions. Colvin delayed publication of this case in respect to the people dealing with the strange behaviors within their residence. The case was investigated between April and June in 1974.


Events centered around the Andrews family, which included both parents and six children, and appeared to focus on two teenage girls, Theresa and Maria. The communications started with raps on the wall that were heard on Good Friday by both girls. Shortly thereafter, a code system was developed. The poltergeist would spell sentences for the family members by using a knock code system (AKA, 1 knock for a, 2 knocks for b,…). The entity identified itself as Eric,

Colvin engaged in several visits to the home, and in all instances, was unable to debunk the knocking or responses to questions that Eric provided. Although many of the spirits responses were detailed, the entity could not successfully answer many personal questions about itself. However, tests were conducted and the entity could correctly answer in knocks randomly selected cards with numbers printed on them, and in some cases would successfully knock out three full sentences of information. The entity’s most haunting quote, “I am here to rest and stop my bones from rotting” (Colvin, 2008, p. 14).


Submitted by: Brian Laythe


Reference: Colvin, B. (2008). The andover case: A responsive rapping poltergeist. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 72, 1-20.

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